Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Hi, I'm Drew, and I'm just discovering that, as global politics go, I'm pretty clueless. This was brought home to me by my assuming that the anti-globalisation movement, as represented to me for the most part by the local Irish Socialist Workers Party, were a crowd of idiots.

Two misconceptions have since become clear to me. First, the SWP have little to do with the global citizens movement, and second, "anti-globablisation movement" is a label applied by the media. There's a lot of clue available in the movement.

So I'm setting in to explore global politics as best I can, and come to whatever conclusions I can make stand up. I'm starting by reading Susan George's Another World is Possible if..., and will be proceeding through other texts as I get my hands on them, both left and right-wing. I suspect there's not much centrist material out there at present; politics from my initial point of view appears extremely polarised.

I'm probably starting from a fairly left-wing position - in ideal terms, I'd prefer that there were no governments, and that people were smart enough to make their own rational decisions. Confronted with the native stupidity of humanity, I think I'll have to regretfully lay practical anarchism to one side. I'm also interested in environmental questions, and am a practicing pagan. I'm interested in hearing from everyone, though - my political stance is much less firm that I'd like it to be, and I'm persistent in wanting to form my own opinions.

Over time, as I inform myself better, I except those opinions to solidify, and for this blog to move from exploration to commentary, and possibly even on into activism in areas I then find important. I'm looking forward to the trip.


At Friday, May 26, 2006 2:09:00 p.m., Blogger Publius said...

Your starting points regarding the unfortunate necessity of government, and the inability to expect collective humanity to function at a level any higher than the depressingly low level of the typical person is actually a very Right-wing position. You're just short a few pegs from being a Conservative :)


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