Friday, July 08, 2005

Vladimir Putin & Russia

This is not on topic for either of my current research areas, but interesting nonetheless. The Guradian have a long article on state control of Russian resources and media, and the power President Putin wields. I think Russia and the ex-USSR might form a good topic for future research - there's certainly plenty of material there to examine.

The article seems to summarise the situation there pretty well. This quote is one that stands out: "There is no democracy in Russia," says Khakamada: "There is only a virtual matrix of democratic space created by the Kremlin's political department. It copies reality. If there is a democratic opposition to the Kremlin, the Kremlin automatically creates a different one loyal to the Kremlin."

Khakamada was one of Putin's opponents in the last presidential election. I'm finding the fact that she's using an American film as the metaphor for the Kremlin's control fascinating, too.


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