Monday, October 03, 2005

Agricultural Subsidies: Initial Information

Apologies for the long gap in posting; work gets chaotic every year around the beginning of autumn, and this year was no exception. I've had time to do some reading on both my research topics, but not really to compile my thoughts. However, here're some first impressions, and some links about agricultural subsidies.

Essentially, agricultural subsidies are funds paid out to farmers to compensate for unprofitable but necessary activities. These vary from paying a set price for a particular crop, which is higher than the price the market would pay to paying an amount per acre for land to be left wild. Subsidies are also paid out in various places for certain eco-friendly practices, tree-planting, and conservation of native species.

The necessity of the activities subsidised is often under debate. Some of the subsidies seem to be for no other purpose than to maintain population in isolated or underpopulated areas. However, in countries like Ireland, subsidies are seen to be essential to maintain the agricultural sector.

The groups that argue for completely free markets without government aid (the term "neo-conservative" is used here, but I'm not yet happy with my knowledge of that term) are, obviously, opposed to subsidies. The groups that prefer government intervention in markets usually support subsidies, and hold that they are necessary.

Wikipedia Articles:
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Kick All Agricultural Subsidies - dedicated to getting rid of all American agricultural subsidies.
Environmental Literary Council - (somewhat out of date)


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